Homeschool Outdoor Education Days

Are you homeschooling this fall? Add a day at IdRaHaJe into your curriculum!

IdRaHaJe’s Mountain Lab School (MLS), based in Bailey, CO, has been running Christian outdoor education programs for Denver-area schools since 1983.  This year we are offering several homeschool days open to the public for students K-12.  We have a variety of programs built with a unique set of experiences for each age group. Our curriculum is custom-built, biblically-based and hands-on.  Read on for program descriptions, dates, and prices.  Families can choose to come once or several times.  In addition, we are opening our Mountain Village cabin area for families to stay overnight as an optional part of their IdRaHaJe experience.  Details and costs about lodging below.

Register Online to reserve your spot!! Space is limited.

Must be registered one week in advance to guarantee participation. Registration directions included below. View our COVID-19 Response HERE.

If you are part of a homeschool co-op and want to schedule a customized day for a group of 10 or more students, please click HERE.

Programs, Fees & Dates

Grades Cost Program A Description
K-2 $32 Archery Basics, Terrific Trees, Playground Time & Arts & Crafts
3-5 $33 Climbing & Animal Habitats
6-8 $43 Horsemanship & Survival Skills: Fire Building
9-12 $43 Team Ropes Course & Climbing
Date(s) offered:  9/9, 9/14 & 9/30


Grades Cost Program B Description
K-2 $35 Climb Time, Hike through Nature, Playground Time & Arts & Crafts
3-5 $28 Archery & Survival Skills: Shelter Building
6-8 $38 Rappelling (30 ft.) & Climbing
9-12 $43 Horsemanship & Archery
Date(s) offered:  9/10, 10/1


Grades Cost Program C Description
K-2 $32 Treasure Hunt, Wild about Wildlife, Playground Time & Read-a-loud
3-5 $43 Nature Hike & Horsemanship
6-8 $43 Archery & Individual High Ropes Course
9-12 $38 Nature Hike & Rappelling (150 ft.)
Date(s) offered:  9/11, 9/15, 10/2
Grades Cost Program D Description
K-2 $32 Archery Basics, Hike through Nature, Playground Time & Arts & Crafts
3-5 $33 Climbing & Erosion
6-8 $28 Animal Tracking & Archery
9-12 $43 Orienteering & Individual High Ropes Course
Date(s) offered:  10/27, 10/30


Grades Cost Program E Description
K-2 $35 Climb Time, Terrific Trees, Playground Time & Arts & Crafts
3-5 $28 Rocky Mountain Predators & Archery
6-8 $43 Individual High Ropes Course & Nature Hike
9-12 $43 Big Valley & Team Ropes Course
Date(s) offered:  10/28


Grades Cost Program F Description
K-2 $32 Wild about Wildlife, Treasure Hunt, Playground Time & Read-aloud
3-5 $28 Animal Habitats & Survival Skills:  Shelter Building
6-8 $33 Climbing & Geology
9-12 $28 Ultimate Survival
Date(s) offered:  10/29

Click HERE for a description of each program being offered.

*Program offerings subject to change due to weather, staffing, lack of student interest or other unforeseen events.


  • Students: See above. (Cost includes 4-hours of supervised instruction and lunch.)
  • Attending Parents/Chaperones: $8/day (Cost includes lunch- does not include activities.)
  • Overnight Lodging: $96/night (families of 2-5), $124/night (families of 6-10)
    • Basic cabin with full bed, bunk beds, electricity, heat and access to public bath/shower house. Does not include linens, kitchen or living room space.  Pets not allowed.
    • Lodging only available when paired with a homeschool day program.
  • Overnight Meal Package: $16/person/night (Cost includes dinner & breakfast.)

Basic Schedule

Outdoor Education Schedule

9:30-9:45 AM                        Check-in 

9:45-10:00 AM                      Orientation

10:00-12:00 PM                    Class #1

12:00-12:30 PM                     Grab & Go Lunch 

12:30-2:30 PM                       Class #2 

2:30-2:45 PM                         Pick-up

For Overnight Guests

2:45-3:15 PM                         Check-in at Office 

3:30-5:45 PM                         Family Activity Blocks

6:00-6:30 PM                         Grab & Go Dinner

7:00-9:00 PM                         Family Free Time

10:00 PM                               Lights Out

8:00-8:30 AM                        Grab & Go Breakfast

9:00-9:30 AM                        Check-out 

For Overnight Guests

Family Afternoon 1-hr. Activity Options

Offered from 3:30-4:30 & 4:45-5:45 

At least one adult must accompany child(ren) for afternoon activities.

Family Free-time Options

  • On-site: Guests limited to Mountain Village Area which includes Grizzly Park Playground, horseshoes, volleyball, tetherball, basketball and large deck with picnic tables.
  • Off-site Suggestions: Hike Mt. Bailey, Visit Staunton State Park, Soft-Serve Ice Cream at Knotty Pine, McGraw Park, Bailey Public Library, Colorado Trail, Kenosha Pass, Marge E Hudak Pool

Online Registration Details for All

ALL participants, students, chaperones and overnight guests, must complete this process.

  • Select “Register” from IdRaHaJe’s homepage ( and then create an account or log-in
  • Choose “Fall 2020 Mountain Lab School” and start your “application”
  • On Step 1, sign up each participant, including parent chaperones and all overnight guests
  • On Step 2, add the correct “IdRaHaJe Homeschool Day” to your cart and choose the correct “Session Options” for each participant
  • Step 3 requires you to fill out required forms for each participant
  • Steps 4 & 5 involve payment-you must pay to secure your spot

Questions?  Need help registering?  Call 303-838-5668.


What should I expect when I arrive at IdRaHaJe?

IdRaHaJe’s staff will assist you for check-in and will direct you to your child(ren)’s group leader.  Groups will be no larger than 10 students per leader.  IdRaHaJe staff will provide supervision and instruction for the entirety of the day.  Almost all programs involve outdoor and active components.  It is imperative that students are dressed appropriately for the weather.  A packing list will be provided at the time of registration.  During the pandemic, IdRaHaJe will be following the guidance provided by the state for Resident Overnight Camps or Day Camps.

What do parents do?

Parents have a choice of either staying to help as a chaperone or dropping off their child(ren) for the day. Parents who serve as chaperones must complete the online registration process.  We ask parents to pay for their lunch which costs $8.  If you sign-up, we ask that you commit to assisting our staff with managing behavior and supporting student learning for the entire day. We cannot guarantee that parents will be able to participate in activities.  If you have multiple children and plan to stay, please plan on assisting only one age group for each day. If you don’t want to stay or are unable to stay, it is fine to drop your child off with our vetted and trained staff.  We will insure your child is supervised.  Please respect all drop-off and pick up times.

I have children under 5; can I bring them with me and still act as a chaperone?

Unfortunately, we cannot have parent chaperones also supervising their younger children as we have found it to be a distraction to our group leaders and the overall learning experience.  You are welcome to spend the day exploring Bailey with your younger child and then stay as an overnight guest and participant in the afternoon family activities.

Can I “hang out” at IdRaHaJe while my child participates in the field trip?

Due to the safety of all our guests and government guidelines, we ask that parents who are not fully signed up as chaperones find somewhere other than IdRaHaJe to spend the day.  If you need ideas on what to do in Bailey, please contact us at

 My child is supposed to be in 5th grade age-wise but is doing 7th grade work.  Can I register them for the 6th-8th grade group?

We realize that many home school students work at their own pace which can create discrepancies between age and traditional grade levels.  Please email if you have a question about which group to sign your child up for.  Many of our activities require a certain level of physical maturity and development.

Can I trust the IdRaHaJe staff and their equipment?

The safety of your child is the number one priority at IdRaHaJe.  All safety equipment is checked regularly (climbing, rappelling, etc.).  IdRaHaJe staff are carefully chosen and highly trained and thoroughly vetted with background checks.

Can I sign-up my child to stay overnight without me?

IdRaHaJe is not providing overnight supervision for minors.  Parents must stay with their children overnight or make arrangements for family friends to supervise children in their cabin.

We want to sign up for multiple days in a row, do we have to sign up for the overnight option?

No, the overnight option is not required.  If it is best for families to provide transportation each day, that is fine.

We are interested in the overnight option; how does that work?

The overnight option is available only for families with one or more students participating in the day-time outdoor education program.  Overnight lodging is available only for the night of the program.  If a family or student signs up for consecutive day programs, families can then stay for multiple nights.

Can we cook our own food with the overnight option?

If you are staying overnight, it is fine to bring “cold” prepared meals, but we do not allow families access to any of our kitchens, microwaves or utensils.  We also do not allow guests to cook their own meals over camp stoves or similar devices.  Guests can visit local restaurants or drive to near-by National Forest areas to use cook stoves.

We have food allergies.  Can you accommodate this?

Our food service team is able to provide substitutions for those needing gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free options.  We do require a $2/meal upgrade fee for overnight guests requesting one of these options.  If you have any questions about our menus, feel free to email

 Other Questions?  Contact us at or by calling 303-838-5668.