Information about Colorado's top Christian Camp

IdRaHaJe could not operate without an amazing full-time staff who have dedicated their lives to ministry with the mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The staff have seen God work in their lives, and enjoy seeing God work in the lives of people who attend IdRaHaJe. IdRaHaJe wants to offer a special thanks to the current staff as well as all of the full-time staffers who have helped point campers to Christ throughout the years!

Mike DeBoer Executive Director
Justin Woodside Development Director
Missy Aikins Office Manager
Elizabeth Peterson Registrar
Amber DeBoer Mountain Lab School & Intern Supervisor
Aimee Leger Mountain Lab School Coordinator
Travis Badding Summer Program Supervisor
Dane Peterson Staff Ministries Coordinator
Emily Winchester Summer Program Coordinator & Curriculum Writer
Kayla Costley SaLT Supervisor
Shawna Brown Food Service & Store Supervisor
Jessica Dekker Cook
Brent Chriestenson Maintenance Supervisor
Roy Randez Maintenance Assistant
Zach Probst Head Custodian
IdRaHaJe Interns 2023-2024 Team