Who We Are

Information about Colorado's top Christian Camp

At IdRaHaJe, we believe in the power of camp ministry to radically change lives.  IdRaHaJe exists so that all who enter its gates would experience God in a new way.  Since 1948, we have had a great history in the Denver area impacting many lives for Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that all who visit would say, “I’d rather have Jesus more than anything!”- the words of the song for which IdRaHaJe is named.  (If you take the first two letters from each word of the title, you get Id-Ra-Ha-Je.)

We are a year-round ministry in the mountains of Colorado that offers three main programs: Summer Camp, Mountain Lab School and Retreat Groups.  Each of our programs has unique objectives but one main purpose, to faithfully share Jesus Christ’s love with others.  We believe that when young people are at Camp they are able to consider some of the most important issues and truths in life.  We have seen, time and time again, God work in the lives of campers as they discover that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives.  We are committed to the importance of this work and being faithful stewards of the message of salvation found only in Jesus Christ.