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IdRaHaJe Camp History

The sun never sets on the influence of Camp IdRaHaJe

“Uncle Paul” Eiselstein, Founder

IdRaHaJe was founded in 1948 by “Uncle Paul” Eiselstein, who began with the 15 acres we now call Mountain Village. He purchased the land for $50.00. His dedication to the Lord and passion for seeing kids know Jesus Christ established the ministry of IdRaHaJe. Throughout the years, the faces, facilities, and programs have changed, but the mission of seeing people come to know Jesus Christ has remained the same.

Since the early years, IdRaHaJe has expanded their ministry through the purchase of land and establishment of new facilities. In 1962, Wilderness Ridge was established (known then as Tepee Camp). In 1963-1965, Lodge was built, and with it came year-round camp ministry opportunities. In 1968, an old schoolhouse became what is now Aspen View, and in 1984, the Mountain Lab School began offering outdoor education experiences to various school group.  In 1998, our adventure program, Narrow Way Expeditions, was established. Today, IdRaHaJe consists of 262 acres of woods and meadowland, facilities, and adventure elements. These facilities are resources used for various programs throughout the year to get people away in God’s amazing creation, be renewed in the Word, and reconnect with our Lord.

IdRaHaJe has seen four godly, faithful men oversee the running of camp. Founder, Paul Eiselstein (1948-1973), Bob Korthius (1973-1983), John Obrecht (1983-2010), and Mike DeBoer (2010- ) have been servants of the Lord giving their lives and service here at IdRaHaJe.

Celebrating 75 years!

2023 marks IdRaHaJe’s 75th year of ministry! We are so grateful to God for His faithfulness to IdRaHaJe for so many years. In celebration of 75 years, we will be sharing an Impact Story every quarter. If you have a story of how your life has been impacted by the ministry of IdRaHaJe, we would love to hear it! Email your story to