Chuckwagon Auction

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Your bidding made an impact!


This years auction and your extravagant bidding truly impacted the lives of many! The result are in and we raised $17,800 on the auction and over $4,000 in other gifts.  Our total outcome was just over $21,800 towards our Campership in 2023!

Through your involvement, generosity and extravagant bidding we can send over 44 kids to IdRaHaJe through the Campership Fund!  Praise God!  It’s amazing to see how God works in and through your involvement to change lives and support the mission of pointing campers to Christ!

Thank you to our generous donors, bidders and sponsors for making this event possible.  Thank you for participating in this years Chuckwagon Online Auction and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

What is the Campership Fund?

Our Campership Fund provides families with financial assistance to send their kids to camp who otherwise might not be able to attend. We believe that every kid should have the opportunity to come to camp and clearly hear the Gospel. This fund has made a way for hundreds of kids to do just that! Will you help send a child to IdRaHaJe? Join us in spreading the Gospel to kids in need.
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“Because every kid should have a chance to go to camp!”