SaLT Program

Service and Leadership Training - Ages 15-17

Join our Service and Leadership Training (SaLT) Program for Summer 2024! 

Basic Information

  • Ages 15-17
  • 5 week commitment (10 days of training + 4 weeks of program)
  • Christian camp in a beautiful mountain environment
  • Volunteer as kitchen staff and as assistant counselors with campers of various ages
  • Goal: Equipping young people to become servant leaders for God’s Kingdom

SaLT Participants…

  • Experience Biblical discipleship curriculum
  • Build long-lasting community
  • Grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • Gain valuable service and leadership experience
  • Have a ton of fun!

Important Summer 2024 Dates

  • Staff Training – May 29, 2024 – June 7, 2024
  • SaLT Session 1 – June 9, 2024 – July 6, 2024
  • SaLT Session 2 – July 7, 2024 – August 3, 2024

Qualities of a SaLT Participant

  • Christian who desires to grow in faith
  • 15-17 years old
  • Loves children and youth
  • Willing to serve in any capacity
  • Teachable
  • Works effectively with a team
  • Abides by IdRaHaJe’s doctrinal statement and policies
  • Loves camp life and having fun!

What SaLT Participants are saying:

If you are thinking about being a SaLT or you feel God has put it on your heart, DO IT! I was never a camper at IdRaHaJe but being a SaLT has impacted me so much. I grew so much over the 4 weeks that I was there, and I have never felt closer to God. The community of teenagers that you meet is also incredible, you are able to meet so many amazing teenagers that have the same love and desire to serve the Lord that you do.


The SaLT Program is a life-changing experience that opens your eyes to what God is calling you to be.


The SaLT Program at IdRaHaJe changed my life. In my two summers of service at IdRaHaJe, each time I left, people commented on how much I have grown throughout the summer. I would even argue I left as a completely different person than I went in. My first summer I went in with a set plan for my life and left having a new calling in my life. And my second summer, I grew so much as a person. I learned so much about how to love someone in the way that Jesus would. Not only in working as a SaLT did I grow as a person but I also made so many friends.



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Can I serve for less than a four-week session?

The SaLT Program is best experienced by attending the 10-day staff training and completing a four-week session. This allows each participant to experience 2 weeks of serving in the kitchen and 2 weeks of serving as an assistant counselor, as well as the full Biblical discipleship curriculum. Preference is given to applicants who are able to serve for a full four-week session. If you are very interested in serving but have a conflict that would prevent you from serving for a complete session, reach out to the SaLT Supervisor at

What do weekends look like?

Just like IdRaHaJe’s summer staff, SaLT participants have about 24 hours off on weekends. During a typical week, this off time begins after the completion of cleaning on Saturday (usually by 11:00am) and concludes when staff and SaLTs return for check-in on Sunday at 11:15am. During weekend off time, SaLT participants may stay on site or leave camp. If they stay on site, food and lodging are provided.

Will I participate in camp activities?

SaLT participants get to take part in many of IdRaHaJe’s camp activities. When serving as assistant counselors, SaLTs help facilitate various games and skills programs for their campers. Adventure activities and games are also incorporated into the SaLT Program, providing great opportunities for our SaLT team to build community and have fun with one another!

Is staff training required?

SaLT participants are highly encouraged to attend Staff Training with IdRaHaJe’s summer staff. This allows for practical training on kitchen duty and counseling basics, as well as time dedicated to building relationships with summer staff and fellow SaLTs. SaLT participants who attend staff training are better prepared to serve effectively and have a stronger sense of unity with the IdRaHaJe summer staff team as a whole. Preference is given to SaLT applicants who can attend staff training.

Will I have access to my phone?

Along with all of IdRaHaJe’s summer staff, SaLT participants do not keep their phones during a week of camp. SaLTs turn in their phones on Sunday morning at staff check-in, and receive them back on Saturday after end-of-week cleaning. If a SaLT participant needs access to his or her phone for a job interview or to call home, this can absolutely be arranged. The best way for families to encourage their SaLT participants throughout the week is by sending letters or emails to our camp office, which will be delivered daily!

Is there a financial cost to participate in the program?

There is no financial cost to participate in the SaLT program. First time participants are asked to pay for fingerprinting through Identogo, but will be reimbursed after staff training as long as they bring the receipt.

Is this program eligible for service hours?

The SaLT Program is absolutely eligible for service hours as long as it meets your school’s requirements.

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