We want to make your stay as memorable as possible.  Part of that is taking advantage of everything IdRaHaJe has to offer.  We have many classic camp activities, archery tag and adventure activities that are available for your retreat.

Classic Camp Activities Available

Sports Fields & Courts

18-hole Disc Golf Course

Archery & BB Guns


Grizzly Park Playground

Hiking Trails

Horse-drawn hayride


Snow Tubing

Trail Rides

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a new action sport that combines elements of dodge-ball and archery into one sport.  The experience is fun, fast-paced, and great for ages 10 and up.  Whether members in your group are experienced archers or brand new to the sport of archery, Archery Tag is a perfect activity to add on to your time at IdRaHaJe.

Learn More about Archery Tag

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Adventure Activities

Consider enhancing your retreat by adding one of our many adventure activities to your experience.  IdRaHaJe is known for its wide variety of activities run by highly-qualified Christian staff.  Whether you are coming up for the weekend or just a few hours, we are sure to have an adventure activity that will elevate your retreat to a new level.

Depending on the size of your group, individual adventure activities take anywhere from 2-4 hours, and packages take 5-6 hours.  All adventure activities have an additional cost and are subject to availability.

Package Options:

Team Building Package 1: (11+ years) This package is a combination of Initiative Games, Low Element and the High Ropes Course.  Takes approximately 5 hours. 

Team Building Package 2: (14+ years) This package combines Initiative Games, Low Elements and Team High Ropes Course.  Takes approximately 6 hours.

BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE:  Choose from 2-3 adventure activities listed below to custom make your own adventure experience.

Contact our Adventure Program Supervisor by emailing or calling 303-838-5668 for more information.

6 years and older

Climbing Tower
A six-sided, custom-built climbing tower which measures 45 feet in height.

Flying Squirrel
A high ropes course element which involves an exhilarating ride lifting the participant off of the ground and into the tree tops.

9 years and older

Boulder House
An indoor bouldering area which includes a mechanical climbing wall.

Initiative Games
A series of games and activities which involve ice breakers, fun challenges and opportunities to develop teamwork.

Low Rappel
An instructional session teaching participants how to rappel (descend a rock face with technical equipment) on our 30 foot cliff.

Low Elements
A variety of low ropes course elements built out of boards, cables and ropes all within 3 feet of the ground. After each challenge, an instructor will process the experience with the group in order to work on team building and communication.

11 years and older

High Ropes Course
The high ropes course combines various high elements which range from 20-40 feet above the ground. Individuals complete the course while protected by technical safety systems.

Big Zip
(80-250 lb. weight restrictions)
A 670 ft. zip line that soars across a mountain valley.

12 years and older

High Rappel
This activity includes a strenuous, mile long hike to a stunning 150 foot rappel site. This session includes instructions on how to rappel (descend a rock face with technical equipment).

Outdoor Climbing
This activity takes place at the same location as our High Rappel Activity and includes a strenuous hike. Various rock climbs, approximately 60 feet in height, will be set up for your group. All technical climbing equipment will be provided.

14 years and older

A GIANT, 30 foot swing, that is a team effort to send each participant soaring above the trees.

Giant’s Ladder
A two person, high ropes course element, resembling a ladder, that requires strength and perseverance to complete.

Power Pole
Climb up the side of a tree to a platform approximately 25 feet off the ground and jump for a trapeze bar 4 feet up and 6 feet out!

Team High Ropes Course
A four person course that involves unique elements and challenges. Requires strength, teamwork and an adventurous spirit.

Need more information? Contact the IdRaHaJe by emailing or calling 303-838-5668.

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