Winter Camp

Join us for Winter Camp this January & February!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have your camper dive deeper in their faith this winter! Join the IdRaHaJe staff for our Winter Camp designed to rekindle excitement and passion for Jesus through a fun-filled weekend retreat in winter. Winter Camp participants will have a chance to play camp games, sing camp songs, hear from chapel speakers, ask the tough questions, and be mentored by amazing counselors and IdRaHaJe Staff.

Winter Camp will take place out of IdRaHaJe’s Green Meadow Lodge which has heated bunk rooms and indoor bathroom facilities. While the camps will be open to a larger age range than summer camp, similar age groups will be assigned to bunk rooms, small group break-out sessions and many activities.

Winter Camp 2024

This year our theme is Send It! The phrase “Send it” is a term originally used in rock climbing. When a climber is at a difficult or dangerous part of a climb, they are faced with a choice: to continue through the difficult section, trusting that their partner has them secured on belay, or to stop and go back down, not completing the climb. Rock climbers use the term “Send it” to encourage their companions to overcome obstacles and make it to the top of the climb! “Send it” is now also used in a variety of outdoor activities to encourage people to “Just go for it!”

At Summer Camp 2023, we learned about what it means to be God’s chosen people who have now become Strangers in the World. This is a difficult and dangerous calling. When we face the obstacles of life, we might be tempted to give in to fear or turn back from our faith. We need to be reminded and encouraged to “Send it!” as we set our fear aside and trust in the Lord. When we get to difficult parts of our lives, let’s hear this encouragement from each other and from God. We can go all out in our faith knowing that God has us and we can trust Him! It’s time to spread the Word of God wherever we go. It’s time to “Send It!”

2024 Dates

  • Winter Camp for Ages 7-11 – January 26-28, 2024
  • Winter Camp for Ages 12-16 – February 9-11, 2024

Additional Information

  • Check-in runs from 6:15-6:45 pm on Friday night (dinner is not served, but there will be a bed-time snack)
  • Pick-up is at 12:45 pm on Sunday
  • Cost: $190