Summer Registration

Summer Registration Information & Policies

• Pioneer Camp – $50
• Mountain Village, Wilderness Ridge, Aspen View, Lodge Camp – $100
• Narrow Way Expedition Trips-$150

After completing your online registration, you will need to submit additional required paperwork for each camper attending IdRaHaJe, described below. Please submit this paperwork by uploading it to your camper’s registration on our online registration portal. We can also accept submissions via email or mail. Please save a copy of all forms and bring them to check-in, even if previously submitted.

    • Mandatory for ALL IdRaHaJe Summer Campers
    • Must be dated within the previous 24 months at the time of the camp session
    • Must be completed and signed by a health care professional
    • You can have a physician fill out IdRaHaJe’s Physical Form, or we can accept their form as long as the date of the physical and the physician’s signature are on it
    • Mandatory for Campers bringing any type of medication (including prescription, OTC medications, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, medical ointments, etc.)
    • Must be completed and signed by a health care provider
  • Whitewater Rafting Waiver (For NARROW WAY and LODGE CAMPERS only)

You may cancel your registration anytime, however, in most cases, your deposit will not be refunded. An additional 25% charge will be assessed if cancellations are not made at least one week prior to camp attendance. If you fail to call in to cancel your registration prior to your check-in day, you will forfeit 50% of funds paid more than the deposit amount.

If you have registered your child and find that you need to move them to a different week, you may do so by calling the registration office at 303-838-0685. As long as there is availability in the new desired session, we are happy to help with this adjustment.  Additional fees will apply if the new week is more expensive.

You may add funds to a spending account for your child/children during the online registration process. Each child will receive a wristband at check-in with their account number on it and will be able to make purchases during their “free time” from any of IdRaHaJe’s stores, concession stands or Arts & Crafts and Pottery. They can also choose to donate to the Camp Missionary of the week. You can choose an amount from several options on the camp selection page (Step 2 of the registration process). You can also add funds during check-in. At the end of the week, if your camper has a remaining balance of $2.00 or more, you will have the option to donate it to a special camp project or have it refunded to you. If you request a refund, those will be made electronically within two weeks.

**Please note that Lodge Camp campers are not able to use their spending account for expenses during their off-site rafting trip.

**Narrow Way Expedition campers – Spending accounts are available to all campers, however, some of the Narrow Way Expedition Trips do not allow for as much “free time” as Resident Camps because many of their activities are off-site.

As a part of the initial online registration process, each camper can request one cabinmate. Cabinmates must be of the same birth gender as the camper and attending the same resident camp. We do our best to honor one request for each camper. To guarantee a request be fulfilled, the request must be mutual and only involve a pair of campers. If more than one name is listed under the cabinmate requests, we will choose the first request. If you decide you want to add or make changes to a cabinmate request after you have completed online registration, you may call or email no later than two weeks prior to check-in and we can enter the change. Do NOT request cabinmates at check-in. We are unable to accommodate requests at that time.

If your child has any significant needs (medical diagnosis, mental health, educational or behavioral needs, etc.), or is experiencing gender dysphoria, we require you to contact us each year PRIOR to completing your registration process, by emailing us at or calling us at 303-838-5668. A team of IdRaHaJe staff will evaluate each individual child’s situation on a case-by-case, year-by-year basis to determine if IdRaHaJe is the best fit for the child. While it is our desire that every child experiences our summer camp, IdRaHaJe is not set up to meet many exceptional needs.

Other options such as horse rides (available for all residential camps for $25/ride) and bike rides (available for Aspen View and Lodge Camp for $12/ride) can be chosen on the Camp Selection Page (Step 2) during the online registration process. These are fee-based activities and do create additional charges. Horse rides and bike rides involve a 30 minute ride during a camper’s free time. If your camper’s horse ride or bike ride is cancelled due to weather, refunds will be made. However, if your child chooses not to attend a scheduled activity, no refund will be made.

Trained IdRaHaJe staff or volunteers will perform a brief wellness check on each camper at check-in, in which the child’s eyes, ears, throat, scalp and current injuries or signs of illnesses will be assessed. These checks may require campers to take out braids or ponytails. If the child has any signs of illness or head lice, the camper will not be able to stay at camp.

IdRaHaJe will notify the parent/guardian or an emergency contact if the child becomes ill during their stay at camp. It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange immediate pick-up from camp if requested by a staff member.

For all weeks except Week 5 (July 10-15) and Pioneer Camps beginning mid-week, Check-in is at IdRaHaJe’s Gym and Education Center on Sunday from 1:45-3:30 pm.* Check-in times are divided by last name in hopes to lessen the amount of traffic in our gym facility at any given time. Please arrive during your time listed below:

1:45pm – 2:00pm – Last names A-C

2:00pm – 2:30pm – Last names D-K

2:30pm – 3:00pm – Last names L-R

3:00pm – 3:30pm – Last names S-Z

*Please note: Week 5 (July 10-15) check-in will be Monday, July 10, 2023 from 9:00am to 11:00am.

*Pioneer Camps beginning mid-week will check-in on Wednesday at Mountain Village from 1:30-3:00 pm.

Due to long waitlists for many camps, if you do not arrive by 3:30pm on your check-in day and you have not contacted us about a late check-in, we may give away your camper’s spot to someone on the waitlist. Please contact us at 303-838-5668 or email if you plan to arrive late. Please bring all medications and medical forms to check-in, even if previously submitted.

Once at IdRaHaJe, parking attendants will direct you where to go. If you have paperwork that you need to turn in, please have it ready when you arrive. Please bring medications in original containers with the box up to the Gym & Education Center to check-in with our nurses. You do not need to bring luggage up to the Gym & Education Center. (After the check-in process, you will be directed to your child’s camp.) Any mail that you brought for your camper should be dropped off at the main office after you finish the check-in process.

Check-out is Saturday from  7:45-9:00 am.* Please go directly to your child’s camp facility and stop at the check-out table before collecting your camper. Be prepared to show a photo ID. We will not be holding a parent breakfast or closing ceremony.

*Please note: Pioneer Camps ending mid-week will check-out on Wednesday at Mountain Village at 8:00-9:00 am.

For more information and other FAQs, please go to our Parent Information Page.