Project & Facilities Trust Fund

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Project & Facilities Trust Fund

Our 262 acres of land houses five unique facilities that are used all year to spread the Gospel and allow people to reconnect with God.

These facilities are valuable resources to the ministry of IdRaHaJe.  Would you consider donating capital to our current projects?


Facilities Trust Fund:

IdRaHaJe’s Facilities Trust Fund was set up in 1998 to provide an opportunity for people to help with the upkeep of Camp’s 140+ buildings.  We hope to grow this fund to $1,000,000 someday so that we can use the interest each year to help offset the rising cost of materials needed to maintain the physical structures that are vital to IdRaHaJe’s ministry.  Please consider giving generously to this fund in order to keep our facilities looking nice and working well!


Other ways to give today!

Mail in your donation to:

PO Box 360
Bailey, CO 80421

*All donations to IdRaHaJe are tax deductible under IRS Code section 501(c)(3).
*Let us know what fund you want your donation to be designated toward.