Support IdRaHaJe

Since 1948, IdRaHaJe has operated as a non-profit, non-denominational Christian camping ministry that has been able to remain debt free!  This has been possible because the faithful giving of partners like you.  We could not accomplish this without the ongoing financial support of people who love and believe in this ministry.

IdRaHaJe has worked hard to keep all our fees low and has been able to reach thousands for Christ.

Please join us as a partner to expand His Kingdom.  Take a moment to see how you could support IdRaHaJe.

General Fund

By donating to our General Fund, you give IdRaHaJe the opportunity to use those funds for our current needs, as well as funding our day-to-day operations.

Gym and Education Center

Our Gym and Education Center has been a tremendous blessing to campers and guests since it went live in 2018.  This $2.2 million project was built debt-free.  Praise God! 

There are remaining needs for the Gym and its environs.  One is a need for reclamite treatment ($30,000) designed to preserve the 1,500 tons of donated asphalt we applied to the gym parking lot in 2019.  We would like to apply this treatment before summer 2021.  We appreciate your ongoing support!

Staff Support

To keep our expenses down and free up funds to be used for ministry, many of our full-time staff raise their financial support for living expenses.  Please consider giving a one-time gift or monthly support to one of our amazing staff!

Scholarship Foundation

IdRaHaJe’s Scholarship Foundation provides assistance for summer staff to achieve their educational goals while they point campers to Christ.

Campership Fund

IdRaHaJe’s Campership Fund provides families with financial assistance to send kids to camp who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

Projects & Facilities Trust Fund

Our 262 acres of land houses five unique facilities that are used all year.  Consider giving a gift toward a specific project to help keep up our facilities and property.