Impact Stories

Part of our excitement in celebrating IdRaHaJe’s 75th anniversary is sharing impact stories alongside all the other amazing happenings at IdraHaJe this year! How grateful we are for God’s faithfulness in the ministry!

This first quarter we’d like to feature the story of Alice Halbrook. Alice is an amazing woman with an incredible IdRaHaJe story! Alice will mention she is the first name in the IdRaHaJe book of life. This book is a special book that features all the names of our campers that have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior for over 6 decades! It’s packed with thousands of names and stories across many generations of campers. It is a book of God’s deep faithfulness throughout the years.

We hope you enjoy this video and get a chance to reflect not only on the incredible impact of IdRaHaJe but how you are connected to the legacy of IdRaHaJe as well. Enjoy!