Summer Staff Info

Additional Information for Prospective Summer Staff


Housing and meals will be made available starting no earlier than the evening before the start dates listed on
your agreement. Once hired, arrival times should be coordinated with your direct supervisor.

Summer camp runs for eight weeks with each week beginning on Sunday at 11:15 AM and ending on Saturday at
11:00 AM.

Generally, Summer Staff have off from Saturday at 11:00 AM until Sunday at 11:15 AM. (Times may vary depending upon the week.)  Additional time-off must be approved by a Full-time Staff Supervisor in advance. During times off, lodging will be provided for those who choose to stay at IdRaHaJe.

Besides staff training, staff will have the opportunity to be encouraged, evaluated and mentored through every day camp-life at IdRaHaJe. Staff meet weekly with Leadership or Full-time staff for devotions, sharing ideas, camp scheduling, and instruction in ministering effectively to campers. The camp philosophy, program, facilities and administration are designed for staff discipleship and development through camp experiences.

Our program is Camper-Counselor centered. Each of our camps’ programs is facilitated by Leadership Staff and various support staff. However, the counselor spends the majority of the time with campers. This includes staying with the campers under his or her responsibility for the duration of the camping week.

The welfare, health, safety, and acceptance of each camper is the responsibility of the counselor. Counselors will be expected to complete, at a minimum, the following duties:
• Maintain a personal interest in each camper
• Share the salvation message with each camper and encourage them to grow in their relationship with Christ
• Lead morning and evening devotions with the cabin group (Lesson material will be provided)
• Provide supervision and care for campers at all times
• Manage camper behavior
• Plan activities with cabin group (size may range from 6-12 campers depending on the age)
• Teach skill activities
• Help lead games, worship and any other activities that will enhance the camp program
• Serve in a support staff role for up to 2 weeks of the duration of summer
Counselors may have a desire to counsel with certain age groups, but must be willing to work with other
ages as needed.

Support staff help keep all supplemental programs running smoothly. These staff members implement vital programs which reinforce and enhance the counselor’s ministry to the camper. Support staff must be supportive of counselors when interacting with campers and may be asked to supervise or stay with campers as needed. Support staff will be responsible for the care of all equipment and supplies in their designated area; this includes letting a supervisor know if supplies need to be ordered or repaired.

IdRaHaJe staff members will present a clean, respectable and professional appearance to the campers and parents. The following summary guidelines have been established for this purpose.
• All staff members are to wear modest clothing
• Staff members may be asked to cover tattoos
• Hairstyles and facial hair must be well kempt and groomed
• Wearing of jewelry at Camp is limited to watches, appropriate-looking bracelets and necklaces. Female staff members may also wear earrings (male staff may not). All other body piercings must be removed prior to arriving at Camp.

The wages for staff members will vary depending on the position and the number of years that each team member has served. This will be discussed during individual interviews or at the time an agreement is issued.

Camp will provide transportation to and from Denver (e.g., Denver International Airport, the train or bus station,
etc.) for those who need it. It will be the responsibility of the summer staff member to communicate flight itineraries or transportation schedules at least three weeks prior to your arrival/departure.

Spending money will be needed for laundry, personal spending, and transportation to and from IdRaHaJe. Leftover food will be made available to staff during time off.

Summer staff who are currently attending college or intending to start in the next calendar year can apply for a scholarship through the IdRaHaJe Scholarship Foundation. Applications are filled out during the summer and interviews will be conducted before the end of camp. There are different options on how scholarships can be arranged; this will be discussed during the interview and at staff training.