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Scholarship Foundation

IdRaHaJe’s Scholarship Foundation provides assistance for summer staff to achieve their educational goals while they point campers to Christ.

The key to a successful summer at IdRaHaJe is top-notch summer staff.

The impact of summer staff on each camper’s experience is substantial.  We want every aspect of a camper’s experience to be excellent, and this can only happen when we hire the best summer staff.

It has become increasingly difficult to find solid young men and women who are dedicated to minister to children in the summers.  Many cannot afford to give up high-paying summer jobs because they need to earn money for college expenses.  We have had young, college-aged adults tell us they were not able to work at Camp because they needed to get a “real job” for income.  IdRaHaJe needs to be able to offer these young men and women a significant scholarship so they can minister to youth for the summer and pay for college.

How Can You Help?

Your donation to the IdRaHaJe Scholarship Foundation will be used in one of two ways.  You may choose to give a donation that will go directly and entirely toward this summer’s scholarship recipients.  A second option is to give your donation to the Perpetual Scholarship Fund.  This option allows the Scholarship Foundation to grow its assets and then distribute interest each year to scholarship recipients.  Either option is a powerful way to invest in the lives of dedicated young Christian men and women.  We are grateful for your prayers for these students and we look forward to seeing what the Lord will do through you. 

Other ways to give today!

Mail in your donation to:

PO Box 360
Bailey, CO 80421

*All donations to IdRaHaJe are tax deductible under IRS Code section 501(c)(3).
*Let us know what fund you want your donation to be designated toward.

Past Recipients Say Thanks

“This scholarship has made my summer financially profitable.  The scholarship is truly a blessing to me and my family.” – Stephen

“I am astounded by your generosity and the amount given to me for my education.  I cannot say thank you enough.” – Candace