Wastewater Treatment


IdRaHaJe needs your financial support to build a new Wastewater Treatment Facility in time for our 75th Anniversary. For more information & to track the progress of this exciting project, dig into the topics below!

Our Why

Our Why

We have 10 small septic systems on camp of various ages including some that are 30+ years old. While these systems have served us well, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is requiring us to upgrade to meet their wastewater treatment requirements for our ongoing ministry. We will not be able to continue this ministry without this needed upgrade.

» In 2020, CDPHE required our systems to be evaluated and due to the results, they are requiring us to upgrade to a Wastewater Treatment Facility.

» We need to install 7,000 ft of 6 ̋ sewer mainlines and 4,500 ft of 4 ̋ services lines to bring all of the wastewater from all around camp to one place.

» We have grown as a ministry over the last 73 years and this upgrade will allow us keep going into the future as we continue to share the gospel.

» The older systems are not as effective anymore and we will be able to abandon these structures.

» CDPHE has given us until Spring 2023 to get these lines and new facility in place.

Breaking it Down: The Numbers

Breaking it Down: The Numbers

While the sewer lines are a small part of the project compared to the Algaewheel™ treatment system, we thought the measurement of the linear lines would give us a good way to break it down into manageable sections for fundraising. There will be 11,500 feet of pipeline in our collection system to get the wastewater to the treatment plant. If you break down the $2.7 million into 1 foot sections that comes out to just under $250/foot.


This new facility is designed to handle 20,000 gallons of wastewater per day which will meet our current needs and allow us to grow in the future. In the 1990’s a Planned Unit Development plan was approved by Park County to give parameters on our growth. In order to reach the capacity of that well thought out plan, we will need to install this system.

» 1,800 sq. foot greenhouse will house the treatment process in the valley near the office.

» The main process of the treatment will be done by bacteria and algae in an Algaewheel™ system.

» This low energy biological aeration treatment will allow us to meet the CDPHE requirements.

» We chose this treatment option because it is one of the most cost-effective and low-energy use options available to us.

» This sustainable treatment technology employs a stable self-regulating process that is low in odor and noise to help preserve our serene environment.

» We are also excited to use this new system as part of our Mountain Lab School program curriculum to teach students about what happens to our water once it goes down the drain.