Wilderness Adventure Trip Letter

Dear Wilderness Adventure Camper,

Thanks for choosing to join us for an amazing week at IdRaHaJe! We are so excited to take you on a fun and intense week in the backcountry. We will spend the week on a five day backpacking trip out in the backcountry wilderness. You will be able to develop your skills in fire building, shelter construction, survival, and orienteering. We will teach you the skills necessary should you ever need to survive in the backcountry. All along the way we will be training to be more like Christ!

Documents & Forms

  • Wilderness Adventure Trip Orientation
    • Please read through the Wilderness Adventure Orientation page in addition to this page so you know and understand what we expect from you so you can have the best week possible.
  • Wilderness Adventure Equipment List
    • While packing, be sure to include everything on the Equipment List. These are specific items that you must bring so you can have the best Wilderness Adventure trip possible.
  • Required Paperwork
    • Please view our Camper Paperwork page that includes required paperwork for all campers.

Rental Equipment

A few of the required items for your Wilderness Adventure trip are available for rent. If you do not own these items, or do not wish to buy them, you can rent them from IdRaHaJe for the week. The weekly rental fee is listed after each item.

  • Long sleeve polypropylene shirt ($7)
  • Backpacking pack – 65 liters ($20)
  • Compass ($3)
  • Synthetic mummy sleeping bag ($15)

If you need to rent any equipment, you can do so through the online registration portal, under Step 2: Options.

We look forward to this incredible time in God’s awesome creation. If you have any questions or concerns about the trip, feel free to contact us at (303) 838-5668.

In Christ,

The Narrow Way Expeditions Team at IdRaHaJe