K-2 Class Options

The Mountain Lab School

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Class Options

All classes, unless otherwise noted, are designed to fill a 2-hour time block.  Modifications can be made to shorten classes for some grade levels.

Climb Time - On Belay

This class introduces students to climbing walls and how to trust a belay (safety) system using one of IdRaHaJe’s climbing areas. Safety gear like harnesses, helmets, carabiners and climbing ropes will be introduced and used. Students  will each get a chance to climb as they practice the universal commands of rock climbers. “On belay?” “Belay On!”

Friendship Games

One of the most important skills for anyone to learn is how to be a good friend. In this active class, students will play games, make a craft and hear stories all about what it takes to be a good friend. Students should leave knowing  that friends should be fun, kind, patient, helpful and trustworthy.

Incredible Insects

During this class students will be introduced to insect anatomy through detailed pictures, engaging discussion, a fun song, and hand-on activities. If weather allows students will learn to safely collect and examine live insects. If weather prohibits insect collection, students will examine insect specimens and make their own play-dough insect. Get ready for an incredible time!

Nature Explorers

This class will introduce young students to hiking in nature. As students are guided along established trails, they will use their senses to experience the natural world. Smelling trees, listening to birds, spying patterns and movements with binoculars and collecting small samples will keep students engaged. Students will use their samples to create a craft that will preserve and display their favorite nature nuggets!

Pioneer Days

Students travel back in time to the days of the pioneers, covered wagons, and Early Americans in this unique class. Taught in an authentic pioneer cabin filled with antiques, students will learn about the daily life of a pioneer child through various activities. After making journey cake in a wood burning cook stove, students will complete homeschool lessons with slate boards, hear stories of pioneer children and play pioneer games.

Splash! All About Water

In this class, students will learn about water in its various forms as they travel through the water cycle. Through songs, games, stories and crafts, learners will be exposed to the basics of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. In addition, the importance of water conservation will be highlighted. Specific water activities will be weather dependent.

Survival Basics

This class exposes young students to survival basics by teaching them what to do if they get lost, how to pack the “10 Essentials” and fire safety. Class will end with the instructor demonstrating safe fire building and students roasting marshmallows over the fire. (Class activities are dependent on local fire restrictions.)

Terrific Trees

Trees are everywhere and are fascinating to learn about. In this class, students will visit and identify 3-5 of the most common trees in Colorado’s mountains. Through hands on exploration, the bark, needles and pinecones will be investigated. By using their counting skills, students will learn how to tell the age of a tree. Students will take home their own forest craft which they will construct from real tree pieces gathered along their hike. This class will end with an interactive song about trees.

Treasure Hunt - Learn to Read a Map

Map reading is becoming a lost skill in today’s electronic world of smart phones. From a young age, developing critical thinking skills and spatial intelligence is so important. Working as a team and with the help of an instructor, students will get to practice reading a map, searching for clues around IdRaHaJe’s Mountain Village and ultimately finding a special treasure that they will get to take home as a souvenir.

Wild About Wildlife

Starting in our wildlife classroom, filled with mounts and pelts of over 20 of Colorado’s most common wildlife, students will investigate, classify and identify animals based on a variety of age-appropriate features. Through a variety of hands on activities, students will then learn the difference between predator and prey and wild and domestic. This class will end with an outdoor hunt for signs of wildlife and learning how to respect wildlife.