Class Options 5th+

5th Grade and Above Class Options

All classes, unless otherwise noted, are designed to fill a 2-hour time block.  Modifications can be made to shorten classes for some grade levels.

ANTLERS & HORNS: In an engaging environment, students will learn the differences between antlers and horns. While observing several mounts in IdRaHaJe’s Wildlife Classroom, students will learn about which Colorado animals have antler or horns while identifying structure, function, and method of grow. Through games and activities, students will have the chance to act as animals trying to become the most dominant and make their own antler and horn. This class will end with students having a greater appreciation for these animals, knowing the difference between them and how to respect them.

BIG VALLEY: Using the scientific method, students will conduct a comparative study of north vs. south facing slopes in a valley on Camp’s property. Students will collect data on each slope observing the flora, fauna, soil, temperature and humidity. Through comparing the data from each slope and additional instruction, students will learn how Colorado’s mountain slopes are greatly affected by their aspect and Colorado’s latitude. This hands-on class is best suited for students who have a basic understanding of ecosystems, basic geography and weather.

BOULDERING: This class will take place inside IdRaHaJe’s Boulder House which was built specifically for the sport of bouldering. Bouldering is rock climbing at heights of 14 feet or below with the use of spotters and crash pads for protection rather than ropes and harnesses. Students will learn basic climbing terms, techniques and movements during the class while climbing and spotting in a group of students. The class will end with different challenges and opportunities to reflect on how the lessons learned in class can transfer beyond their experience at the Mountain Lab School.

ORIENTEERING-COMPASS SKILLS: This class introduces students to the basics of orienteering by focusing on understanding how to use a compass. After learning the basic parts of a compass, students will head outside to apply their learning by identifying the cardinal directions and shooting various bearings. Along with this, the concept of pacing will be taught, a common skill used in orienteering competitions. The class will end with students working together to combine the skills of pacing and shooting bearings as they complete IdRaHaJe’s orienteering course.

RAPPELLING 1: Rappelling is the act of descending a rock face or other near vertical surface by using ropes and a fixed anchor point. In this class, students will learn the gear used in rappelling, safety systems, commands and how to properly rappel. Rappelling 1 takes place on IdRaHaJe’s 30-foot rock face.

RIFLERY: Using BB guns and IdRaHaJe’s outdoor riflery range, students will be introduced to the sport of target rifle shooting. This class will cover gun safety, basic rifle knowledge, how to properly and safely handle a rifle, and basic rifle shooting technique. Students will participate in several rounds of shooting to practice the skills taught in a safe and monitored environment during this class.

SURVIVAL SKILLS-FIRE BUILDING: Whether preparing to go on a simple hike, an overnight camping trip or for the possibility of a natural disaster, there are basic survival skills that everyone should possess. This class exposes students to the necessary steps in preparing and planning for a survival situation. Students also learn and practice the important skill of fire building with both matches and flint & steel. (Class is dependent on local fire restrictions.)

TEAM BUILDING CHALLENGE: In this class, students will work together as a team to overcome various low ropes course elements that are up to 3 feet off the ground. Instructors will sequence the obstacles from simple to complex during the 2-hour class period. The obstacles require students to solve both simple and complex problems, communicate, take on leadership roles, think creatively and build trust. This is a great class for students to explore what makes an effective team and how they individually can
be a better “team player.”