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Getting Your Camper Ready

Sending your child to camp can raise a lot of questions and concerns. We want to provide answers, as well as information, that will make your camping experience with IdRaHaJe as easy as possible. In addition to what we have outlined below, you can also view our Registration Information & Policies document by clicking HERE.

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What paperwork or forms do I need to submit?

To see a summary of our Required Paperwork for summer campers, click HERE We request that the required paperwork is submitted prior to Sunday Registration. You can submit them through the online registration portal, email or snail mail. Please save a copy of all medical forms and bring them to check-in, even if previously submitted. 

What should my camper(s) pack? How can I help them prepare?

Make sure to send kids with clothing you are okay with them possibly losing or getting dirty. Please label everything, and go through your child's things with them so that they will recognize what belongs in their bag.
    Resident Camp Pack List
    • * If you have a Wilderness Ridge Camper, please bring all of their belongings in a sealable plastic tub!
    • * Campers registered for Narrow Way trips have a unique packing list. Make sure to view our Narrow Way Page and find the specific Equipment List for your child's trip!
    Camper Rules: Please take a moment to look over the camper rules with your child before you arrive.
Swimming: We utilize a community pool for our swimming time. The pool does require each child to pass a swim test in order to utilize the deep end independently. Life jackets are available.

What if my child has a food allergy?

During the registration process, you will be asked to explain any dietary needs or restrictions your child has. This information will be printed and given to our summer staff cooks. IdRaHaJe is a nut free facility. We are able to accommodate campers who need a gluten free, dairy free, egg free and/or vegetarian diet. All other needs may not be able to be met. If you would like to discuss your child's diet or our camp menus, you can contact our Food Service Supervisor by emailing or calling 303-838-5668 at least two weeks before your child's camp. If we are not contacted beforehand, it may not be possible to accommodate any special requests.

What if my child takes medication?

According to STATE LAW, no camper may keep any prescription, Over the Counter (OTC) medication, or vitamins in his or her possession. Our nurses have common OTC medications on hand. All prescriptions, OTC medication, and vitamins must remain in the original containers, accompanied by the Medication Form signed by your child's doctor, with included dosage and frequency instructions.

What have you implemented to protect children in an overnight camp setting?

The safety of your child is our number one priority. We realize that parents want assurance that their child will be protected during camp. Here at IdRaHaJe, we take 4 steps which make up our Child Protection Plan. First, we carefully select and vet our staff. Next, we train all of our staff on how to appropriately interact with campers (see next question). Third, before the first night of camp, all campers and staff view our Child Protection Plan Video. Finally, during the week we are diligent to hold all campers and staff to high standards and report any inappropriate behavior.

How do you select and train your staff?

Each member of our staff completes a detailed hiring process including a written application, interview, submission of 3 references, and background check. We hire staff that agree to our Doctrinal Statement and profess faith in Jesus Christ. Each staff member undergoes at least ten days of training in which they learn how to perform their specific job and care for children. This training includes an intensive focus on our Child Protection Plan where staff learn how to have appropriate "Touch, Talk and Territory" with all campers. If you would like to learn more about our staff selection or training, feel free to contact us.

Can a child with special needs attend IdRaHaJe?

While it is our desire that every child experiences our summer camp, IdRaHaJe is not set up to meet all medical, behavioral or educational needs. If your child has a significant need, please contact us at or by calling 303-838-5668 prior to registering your child for camp.

Do you have helpful tips for first time parents and campers?

  • Many parents are concerned about their first-time campers getting homesick. Our staff is trained to help campers who may have a natural tendency to feel homesick. If a child is showing signs of homesickness for more than 24 hours, parents will be contacted to create an action plan which may include the child going home. Here are things you can do to help before they come:
    • Have your child spend a night or two away from home to prepare for his or her first camp experience.
    • Send a special stuffed animal along.
    • Tell them how proud you are of them.
    • Make sure to have letters and care packages for them throughout the week.
    • Have your child sign-up and bunk with a close friend.

How can I contact my camper throughout the week or send care packages?

  • At IdRaHaJe, we deliver mail Monday - Friday at every camp! Please feel free to send mail or packages to your camper throughout the week. Send all snail mail well in advance. Any mail sent must include your camper's name, camp, and week they are attending.
    • Example: John Smith, Wilderness Ridge - week 3
    • By Email:
    • By Mail:
      • Camper's Full Name
      • Camp and week number
      • IdRaHaJe
      • P.O. Box 360
      • Bailey, CO 80421
  • Mail and packages can also be dropped off at the main office the Sunday of CHECK-IN. We ask that parents send no more than two shoebox-sized packages per camper. There is no limit on the amount of letters or emails a camper can receive during the week. Please include camper's name, camp, and week, as well as, the day you would like your camper to receive their mail (this option may only used when dropped off Sunday). During your check-in process, you can also purchase a care package at one of our stores that will be delivered mid-week.

How does spending money work at Camp?

  • Parents of all resident campers have the option to put money in a camper spending account during the online registration process. On the camp selection page, you may choose from a variety of amounts to place in your child’s account. Campers will receive a wristband to access their account. These wristbands will allow your child to purchase items at our stores, snack shops as well as the craft shops. This is a convenient way to prevent lost or stolen money. We require that the accounts are used for our three younger camps, Mountain Village, Wilderness Ridge, and Aspen View. Lodge & Narrow Way Campers can choose to put money into an account or keep it with them during the week. However, IdRaHaJe is not responsible for lost or stolen money. If money remains in the spending account at the end of the week, a refund will be made within 2 weeks (if remaining balance is over $2.00).

How much money should I send with my camper?

The amount to send is entirely up to the parent. Most parents send $30-$60, which campers can spend at one of our stores, snack shops and in craft areas. Campers are also given the opportunity to donate to the missionary for the week!

Can my camper bunk with his/her friend(s)?

If your camper wants to bunk with a friend, bunkmates can be chosen during the initial online registration process. One bunkmate request can be made per camper. The request must be mutual in order to be processed.

Does IdRaHaJe refund money for missed horse rides?

If a horse ride is cancelled due to inclement weather, money should be refunded within a week. However, if a camper chooses to not participate in a scheduled ride, no refund will be made.

Check In/Check Out

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Check-in Process

  • Check-in is at IdRaHaJe’s Gym and Education Center on Sunday from 1:45-3:30 pm.
  • Please note: Pioneer Camps beginning mid-week will check-in on Wednesday at Mountain Village from 1:30-3:30 pm.
  • Please bring all medications and medical forms to check-in, even if previously submitted.

Check-in Details

  • Once at IdRaHaJe, parking attendants will direct you where to go.
  • If you have paperwork that you need to turn in, please have it ready when you arrive.
  • Please bring medications in original containers up to the Gym & Education Center for registration to check-in with our nurses.
  • You do not need to bring luggage up to the Gym & Education Center. (After the registration process, you will be directed to your child's camp.)
  • Any mail that you brought for your camper should be dropped off at the main office after you finish the registration process.

Check-out Process

  • Check-out is Saturday at 7:45-9:00 am.
  • Please go directly to your child's camp facility, and be prepared to show a photo ID.
  • Please remember to wear a mask while picking up your camper. We will not be holding a parent breakfast or closing ceremony.
Please note: Pioneer Camps ending mid-week will check-out on Wednesday at Mountain Village at 8:00-9:00 am.

Sample Camp Schedule

7:00     Wake-up & Prepare for Day

7:45      Flag Raising & Morning Exercises

8:00     Breakfast

9:00     Skills Class

10:00   Morning Chapel & Group Devotion Time

11: 30   Cabin Clean-up & Rest Time

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Large Group Activity (Game, Swimming)

3:00    Free Time (Horse Rides, Adventure Activities, Stores, Gym)

5:00    Missions

5:30    Mail Call

6:00    Dinner

6:45     Flag Lowering & Reflection

7:00     Game

8:00     Evening Chapel & Group Devotion Time

9:00     Get Ready for Bed

9:30     Lights Out (adjusted for older campers)

If you have additional questions, contact the Registration Office by emailing or calling 303-838-0685.