Join the MLS Instructor Team by Applying for IdRaHaJe’s Christian Camping Internship


Most Mountain Lab School Instructors are hired through IdRaHaJe’s Christian Camping Internship and commit to a full year of service at IdRaHaJe.  To learn more about the internship, visit our Work at IdRaHaJe Page.

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If you are interested in teaching for the Mountain Lab School but cannot commit to an entire year, please contact the IdRaHaJe office ( to see if there are any available positions to serve as an outdoor educator for a shorter amount of time.

The Basics:

The Mountain Lab School Instructor Program is a major component of IdRaHaJe’s Christian Camping Internship.  During the school year, interns will serve as instructors for IdRaHaJe’s Christian-based Outdoor Education program where they will gain experience, knowledge and skills related to this dynamic and valuable ministry. 

About the Mountain Lab School:

Since 1983, the Mountain Lab School Program has been teaching and challenging thousands of students.  Each semester public schools, charter schools, Christian schools and home school groups make their way to IdRaHaJe for a Rocky Mountain educational experience unlike any other!  From Pioneer Study to Survival Skills, and Animal Tracking to Rock Climbing, students from 5th–12th grade get a chance to get out of the city, breathe the fresh mountain air, learn valuable lessons about nature, history, and themselves, and experience the great outdoors and the God who made it all!  Our program is unique from most outdoor education programs in that the camp staff teach the classes and run the programs and activities.  Every student takes part in hands-on learning as they attend various classes and activities.  All the classes taught meet or exceed Colorado State educational standards.  The Mountain Lab School is a wonderful addition to and extension of any student’s education.  Learn more about IdRaHaJe.

MLS Instructor Duties and Responsibilities:

The primary responsibilities of the MLS Instructors will be teaching outdoor education classes and facilitating other program activities.  As an intern of IdRaHaJe, various other duties will be assigned, including but not limited to, helping serve meals, cleaning camp facilities, helping with weekend retreat groups, and work projects.

Training and Development:

The staff of IdRaHaJe is committed to making each Mountain Lab School season an amazing educational and transformational experience.  Instructors will receive extensive training upon arrival and will experience ongoing mentorship, constructive feedback, and various opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

Need more information? Contact the Mountain Lab School Supervisor by emailing or calling 303-838-5668.