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Mountain Lab School

Since 1983, IdRaHaJe has been offering amazing outdoor education experiences through the Mountain Lab School.  We offer a wide variety of classes and activities facilitated by highly trained staff.  Join us for the best day or week of your school year.  We offer custom outdoor experiences that are aligned with Colorado State Standards and meet state guidance for COVID-19.

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Consider joining us for one or more IdRaHaJe Homeschool Days with Christ-centered classes for K-12 and options for family overnight lodging, meals and additional activities.  Click HERE to learn more.

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Our Programs

We are convinced that an outdoor education experience is uniquely powerful and rewarding for students of all ages.  We believe that all children need to get out of the normal classroom setting and encounter the excitement, challenges and wonders that a come when they participate in a Mountain Lab School trip.  A hands on experience that immerses students in nature and adventure will certainly result in effectual learning benefiting them for the rest of their lives.  A Mountain Lab School experience can be custom designed for virtually any type of school or educational group.  We offer 1-5 day programs with an amazing variety of classes and activities. 

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Nature Studies
Outdoor Skills
Challenge Activities
Team Building

Our Setting

Nestled in the coniferous forest of Colorado’s front range, near Bailey, CO, IdRaHaJe’s property is an ideal setting for an incredible outdoor education experience. At nearly 8,700 feet elevation, consisting of over 260 acres of forests, meadows and trails and equipped with multiple facilities and a myriad of adventure and educational resources, we can provide groups with a high quality program in a marvelous setting, at an exceptional price.


Mountain Lab School FAQ’s

Q. I notice you are a Christian ministry.  Are public schools and non-religious groups able to come, and will they be proselytized for the Christian faith while there?

A. We welcome non-religious schools and educational groups to come and participate in our outdoor education program.  We will not teach or promote ideas that conflict with our Doctrinal Statement, however, we believe we can still maintain a high level of educational professionalism and integrity in our programming and curriculum and provide experiences that foster academic learning and growth without disrespecting those that do not subscribe to our beliefs.  In fact, we believe that our faith convictions result in better service for groups and certainly don’t prevent us from providing an excellent outdoor education program without a religious component.

Q. What makes the Mountain Lab School unique?

A. Unlike many other outdoor education programs, the Mountain Lab School provides all of the curriculum, instruction, evening activity facilitation and much more.  This allows the group’s leaders and chaperones to focus on building relationships and sharing memorable moments, without worrying about teaching or running programs.  We also provide each participant with a keepsake name tag that ties into our curriculum-enhancing bead program.

Need more information? Contact the Mountain Lab School Supervisor by emailing mls@idrahaje.org or calling 303-838-5668.