Christian Camping Internship Overview

IdRaHaJe Christian Camping Internship
(ICCI) is a life-changing program designed for college-
aged students pursuing a career in outdoor education, camp ministry, youth ministry, education, or
any related field.  This experience includes high quality training, hands-on learning, teaching,
certifications, college credit, reflection, and evaluation.

The internship will take place at IdRaHaJe, which stands for I’d Rather Have Jesus, a Christian
Camp located in Bailey, Colorado.  IdRaHaJe was founded in 1948 as a Christian summer camp and
today runs year-round programs including summer camps, outdoor education, and retreats.  Its highly
qualified staff, location, and diverse programs make it an exceptional place for interns to learn
about the many facets of camping ministry.

During the school year, the ICCI will primarily take place through IdRaHaJe’s Mountain Lab School,
which is an outdoor education program.  Interns will be trained as outdoor education instructors
for IdRaHaJe’s Mountain Lab School (MLS) while also completing college-level
course work centered on philosophy and theory of outdoor education programming.  During this time,
interns will work with different school groups teaching and facilitating outdoor education classes,
night programs and camp activities for various ages.

While not working directly with the MLS program, interns will experience other areas of Christian
camping such as retreat groups, housekeeping, food service, maintenance, construction, marketing
and community events.  The winter months will also provide time for interns to learn about summer
camp ministry by assisting in summer program development and curriculum writing.

Interns will play a vital role in IdRaHaJe’s 8-week summer camp ministry to end their internship
experience.  Each intern will be assigned to a summer position that meets their gifts, passions and
career goals as well as serves the overall needs of IdRaHaJe.

In addition to getting hands-on work experience, interns will earn various professional
certifications and have opportunities to grow personally through discipleship, Christ-centered
community, regular evaluations, and intentional times of personal reflection.
Interns will be provided on-site housing, many meals, and a stipend of $150 per week.

IdRaHaJe’s Internship starts in the middle of August and runs until the beginning of August the
following year.  Time off will be given for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.  In addition, each
intern will be given up to five vacation days.

Program Costs

The program cost for IdRaHaJe’s internship is $1,500, which includes the following:

  • Archery Instructor Certification
  • Science Educator Certifications (Project Learning Tree, WET & WILD)
  • Leave No Trace Trainer Certification
  • ACCT Level 1 Challenge Course Facilitator Certification
  • Wilderness First Aid Certification
  • Travel & related costs for various trips and events
    • Week-long technical canyoneering trip in Utah
    • Christian Camping Rocky Mountain Sectional Conference
    • Outdoor Education Site Visits
  • Required Texts

Please note: A $400 required payment is required at the start of the program.  There is a payroll
deduction option available for the remaining balance.  A $100 housing deposit is required for all
interns and is fully refundable upon satisfactory inspection at the completion of the program.

The program cost does not include the following:

  • Meals when there are no groups on camp and kitchens are not running.
  • Specialized outdoor clothing and shoes for all Colorado weather conditions.
  • Personal rock-climbing gear (harness).

College Credit

College credit is available for interns desiring it through IdRaHaJe’s partnership with John Brown
University and Colorado Christian University.  Interns may be able to register, through each
individual college, for a variety of outdoor leadership courses, which will cost an additional fee.

To learn more about college credit opportunities, contact Amber DeBoer, IdRaHaJe’s Curriculum and
Instruction Supervisor.  Email or call 303-838-5668.

College credit is an optional route, and is not required for interns.  Most of the courses are
integrated into our training throughout the year and will be knowledge and skills that interns will
be expected to obtain with or without the credit.  This will not affect your certifications or your
pay received during the internship.  Additional fees for college credit will be paid directly to
the university.


  • A solid and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • A desire to work with and teach children in camp setting.
  • Evidence of strong work ethic, responsibility, and maturity.
  • A mentality of servanthood.
  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be able to fully participate in the entire 1-year program.
  • Must be accepted through IdRaHaJe’s staff application and interview process.

Opportunities for Personal Growth

IdRaHaJe Interns will have intentional time during their program to develop themselves as healthy
individuals.  This will include time set apart for reading the Bible and prayer, group devotions,
book study, reflection on emotional and mental health, and spiritual discipleship. Full-time staff
members will meet regularly with individual interns to act as mentors facilitating personal growth.

Opportunities for Professional Growth

  • Receive specific training to design, teach, and run outdoor education classes and programs.
  • Extensive opportunities to teach and facilitate outdoor education and camp programs.
  • Obtain nationally recognized certifications.
  • Service work opportunities.
  • Training in curriculum development.
  • Ongoing mentorship, training and evaluation from Christian camping professionals.
  • In-depth experience with summer camp theory, philosophy and program development.
  • Earn college credit.
  • Gain confidence in public speaking.
  • Build skills in exercising leadership responsibilities.
  • Foster high levels of teamwork and communication.
  • Mentoring high school-aged volunteers.
  • Assistance with resume-building.

Program Directorship

The IdRaHaJe Christian Camping Internship will be directed by IdRaHaJe’s Curriculum and Instruction
Supervisor, Amber DeBoer, who has worked in the field of education and camp
ministry since 1998 and holds a Master’s Degree in Outdoor Education.  Under this directorship,
interns will also work closely with and be trained by IdRaHaJe’s many highly qualified and
credentialed full-time staff during the internship.

Community Life

The internship program at IdRaHaJe offers a style of living that focuses on Christ-centered
community.  Not only will interns work closely with full-time staff members, they will also live in
community with other interns in on-site housing.  Housing situations allow for development of vital
social skills and fellowship among other believers.  The relational skills learned through the
internship program will be transferrable to any future career or life pursuit.

Housing Accommodations

Intern housing on camp will be with same-sex interns.  If an intern is married, housing
accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Interns will be able to move into their
housing accommodations the day before the internship begins.  If housing is needed before that,
interns will need to contact Camp.  Housing options may be available.  Accommodations will include
a full kitchen and laundry facilities.  Interns will not be guaranteed internet access in their
homes, but a work space will be provided with internet.  Housing will also be available during
Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, but no meals will be provided during that time.  All housing
accommodations will require an initial deposit of $100 which can be fully refunded at the end of
your internship based on a satisfactory inspection upon check-out.

Application Process

To begin, go online to and fill out the complete application for IdRaHaJe
Christian Camping Internship.  (If you have already been hired as a Summer Staff for the
summer right before the internship, be sure to choose the modified application option.)  Once you
have completed your application, send your references the link that is included.  After IdRaHaJe
has received your application and references, we will contact you for an interview. If you are hired,
you will be contacted with an agreement and additional information for the internship.


To learn more about IdRaHaJe, visit  For questions specific to IdRaHaJe’s
Christian Camping Internship, contact Amber DeBoer at or call 303-838-5668.

ICCI Schedule

Time of Year

Middle of August


Training for Fall Mountain Lab School/Outdoor Education Program

  • Animal Habitats & Animal Tracking
  • Archery & Riflery
  • Climbing, Rappelling, Bouldering & Ropes Courses
  • Teambuilding Games & Elements
  • Survival-Shelters and Fires
  • Geology & Erosion
  • Mountain Ecology through Nature Hiking & Data Collection
  • Orienteering-Compass Use
  • Pioneer Studies


1.5 Weeks

End of August to Beginning of November

Serve as MLS Instructors & Begin Internship Development Program

  • Teach between 2-6 hours a day for the MLS Program
  • Run Night Programs (games, hikes, incentive stations, etc.) for 6 hours a week
  • Help in camp kitchen for 2-4 meals per week
  • Assist in camp store for 1 hour a week
  • Work on various projects around camp (housekeeping, landscaping, maintenance, and construction)
  • Spend time on spiritual development through weekly Bible study and mentoring
  • Assist with weekend retreat groups

12 Weeks

Middle of November

Fall Certifications, Assessments, and Reflection

  • Leave No Trace Certification
  • ACCT Level 1 Ropes Course Certification
  • Fall Work Projects

2 weeks

End of November

Thanksgiving Break

1 week

Beginning of December

Professional Development & Winter Day Programs

  • Environmental Science Educator Certifications
  • Develop and present a new MLS class
  • Continue spiritual development opportunities
  • Facilitate camp events
  • Assist with summer camp preparations and promotion

3 weeks

End of December to Middle of January

Christmas Break

3-4 weeks

Middle of January to Beginning of March

Professional Development & Winter Day Programs

  • Complete USA Archery Level 1 Certification
  • Facilitate Winter Day Programs and Evening Events
  • Assist with Summer Camp Preparations and Camp Maintenance
  • Receive Additional Training in Various Areas of Camp Ministry (Food Service, Operations, Retreats, Discipleship Programs, Marketing, etc.)
  • Help develop and run IdRaHaJe’s REFRESH Winter Retreats focused on discipleship of summer campers

7 weeks

Beginning of March

Training for Spring Mountain Lab School Season

  • Rock Climbing Advanced Training
  • MLS Curriculum Continued Training

2 weeks

Middle of March to End of May

Serve as MLS Instructors & Continue Internship Development Program

  • Teach between 2-6 hours a day for the MLS Program
  • Run Night Programs (games, hikes, incentive stations, etc.) for 6 hours a week
  • Help in camp kitchen for 2-4 meals a week
  • Assist in camp store for 1 hour a week
  • Work on various projects around camp
  • Summer Programming preparations
  • Assist with weekend retreat groups
  • Complete Wilderness First Aid

9 weeks

Last Week of May

Transition to Summer Camp Programming

1 Week

June through Beginning of August

Summer Camp Ministry

  • Summer Staff Training
  • Serve on Summer Staff in one of the following positions:
    • Adventure Staff
    • Leadership Staff
    • Counselor
    • Wrangler
    • Videographer
    • Office Staff
    • Nurse
    • Concessionaire
    • Cook
    • Housekeeping
    • Maintenance
    • Arts & Crafts Instructor

10 weeks