COVID-19 and other Communicable Disease Response

General Information:

IdRaHaJe will follow the guidance by CDC, CDPHE and our local health department for all operational requirements.

Spefically, IdRaHaJe will be operating per Colorado’s expectations for Resident Overnight Camps or Day Camps.

Guidelines provided by these organizations are updated regularly. The information provided below reflects our response as of August 13, 2020. If guidelines become less restrictive, we will adjust accordingly.

In order to comply with the current mandates, the following will be adhered to:

Health Checks and Illness Management

  • Guests will be asked to review our Public Health Acknowledgement & Disclosure Information at the time of registration.
  • We will promote staggered check-in times or staging areas for guests.
  • We plan to conduct enhanced health checks, upon participant arrival to include a temperature check and an additional questionnaire to assess shortness of breath, cough, chest tightness, fever, or other symptoms of communicable disease.
  • In addition to our current protocols to manage typical illnesses that occur at camp, we also have developed a specific communicable illness response protocol which includes COVID-19.
  • IdRaHaJe staff will undergo daily health assessments prior to guest arrival.

Limiting group size to 10 or less participants, keeping groups separate and limiting the mixing of groups

  • No more than one group of 10 participants/guests will be assigned to any one indoor space at any one time.
  • No more than one group of 25 participants/guests will be assigned to any one outdoor space at any one time.

Keeping a distance of 6 feet as much as possible

  • Programs that typically encourage close contact but are not dependent upon it will be modified to maintain social distancing requirements.
  • Programs that have brief moments of close contact (belayed activities in adventure classes) may require some form of mask wearing.
  • Meal-time accommodations will allow for social distancing and may involve non-traditional dining spaces.

Mask Wearing:

  • IdRaHaJe staff will follow guidance provided by our local health department on decisions about mask wearing.
  • Masks may be necessary in outdoor programs where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures

  • We have reviewed and updated all our cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing protocols to help protect our guests and staff.
  • IdRaHaJe is striving to meet or exceed standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Colorado Department of Public Health. Click here for the CDPHE’s standards and here for the CDC’s standards.
  • We are adding additional on-site handwashing stations and hand sanitizer stations to inhibit the spread of germs.