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Retreats 14+

14 years or older Breathtaker A GIANT, 30 foot swing, that is a team effort to send each participant soaring above the trees. Giant’s Ladder A two person, high ropes course element, resembling a ladder, that requires strength and perseverance to complete. Power Pole Climb up [...]

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Retreats 12+

12 years or older High Rappel This activity includes a strenuous, mile long hike to a stunning 150 foot rappel site.  This session includes instructions on how to rappel (descend a rock face with technical equipment). Outdoor Climbing This activity takes place at the same location as our High Rappel Activity and [...]

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Retreat 11+

11 years or older High Ropes Course The high ropes course combines various high elements which range from 20-40 feet above the ground.  Individuals complete the course while protected by technical safety systems.       Big Zip (80-250 lb. weight restrictions) A 670 ft. zip line that soars across a mountain valley.  [...]

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Activities 9+

9 years or older Boulder House An indoor bouldering area which includes a mechanical climbing wall. Initiative Games A series of games and activities which involve ice breakers, fun challenges and opportunities to develop teamwork. Low Rappel An instructional session teaching participants how to rappel (descend [...]

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Retreat Activities

6 years and older Climbing Tower A six-sided, custom-built climbing tower which measures 45 feet in height. Flying Squirrel A high ropes course element which involves an exhilarating ride lifting the participant off of the ground and into the tree tops.

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