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Chuckwagon – Campership

What is the Campership Fund? Our Campership Fund provides families with financial assistance to send their kids to camp that otherwise might not have been able to attend.  This fund has sent hundreds of kids to camp, and we believe that every kid should have the opportunity to come and hear a clear presentation [...]

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Retreats 14+

14 years or older Breathtaker A GIANT, 30 foot swing, that is a team effort to send each participant soaring above the trees. Giant’s Ladder A two person, high ropes course element, resembling a ladder, that requires strength and perseverance to complete. Power Pole Climb up [...]

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Retreats 12+

12 years or older High Rappel This activity includes a strenuous, mile long hike to a stunning 150 foot rappel site.  This session includes instructions on how to rappel (descend a rock face with technical equipment). Outdoor Climbing This activity takes place at the same location as our High Rappel Activity and [...]

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Retreat 11+

11 years or older High Ropes Course The high ropes course combines various high elements which range from 20-40 feet above the ground.  Individuals complete the course while protected by technical safety systems.       Big Zip (80-250 lb. weight restrictions) A 670 ft. zip line that soars across a mountain valley.  [...]

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Activities 9+

9 years or older Boulder House An indoor bouldering area which includes a mechanical climbing wall. Initiative Games A series of games and activities which involve ice breakers, fun challenges and opportunities to develop teamwork. Low Rappel An instructional session teaching participants how to rappel (descend [...]

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Rock’n Raft: Ages 14-17

3 Days Rock Climbing Overnight Rafting Trip Whether you're an experienced climber or just getting started, this trip has something for you.  Spend three days camping, climbing, and exploring Eleven Mile Canyon, and then head down the Arkansas River on an overnight rafting trip.  Gain confidence and purpose as you push yourself physically and [...]

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Wilderness Adventure: Ages 12-14

5 Days Backpacking Orienteering Fire Building Skills Shelter Building Survival Skills Can you survive in the wild?  What would you need to know if you were in a survival situation?  Learn how to start a fire with flint and steel, build a shelter, and develop other skills needed to survive in the wilderness.  This [...]

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Mountain Xtreme: Ages 14-17

2 Days Backpacking Rock Climbing & Rappelling Whitewater Rafting Come experience the ultimate mountain adventure!  A day of rock climbing and rappelling, an overnight backpacking trip, and then wrap it all up with a day of whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River.  Come learn more about God on this amazing adventure!  (Rental fees may [...]

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H2GO: Ages 14-17

2 Days Kayaking Standup Paddle Boarding Overnight Rafting Trip Love the water?  Then you'll love this week.  This isn't some lazy week at the beach - It's an adventure!  It includes two days of flat water kayaking, a basic introduction to stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), and a two day rafting adventure.  Don't miss out [...]

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