IdRaHaJe could not operate without our amazing staff who have dedicated their lives to full-time ministry with the mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have seen God work in our lives, and enjoy seeing God work in the lives of people who attend IdRaHaJe.  We want to offer a special thanks to our current staff as well as all of the full-time staffers who have helped point campers to Christ throughout the years!

Mike D Headshot

Executive Director

Mike D

Mike DeBoer

Executive Director

Mike’s early life growing up on a farm prepared him for the many facets of camp life. He’s worked full time at IdRaHaJe since 1996 in different roles ranging from MLS Instructor, Assistant MLS Director, Adventure Program Director, and Operations Director before becoming the Executive Director. He is comfortable wearing many hats and loves being a part of what God is doing in the lives of campers at IdRaHaJe. He and his wife, Amber, enjoy serving in ministry together.

Fun Fact: His beard is really to cover up for his charming looks.

Director of Development


Sean Kirnan

Director of Development

Sean began serving at IdRaHaJe in 2018 after a career in higher education leadership and management. Sean enjoys cultivating relationships with IdRaHaJe's campers, guests, and partners to help maximize IdRaHaJe's impact in pointing campers to Christ. Along with his wife Kim, IdRaHaJe's Multimedia Supervisor, Sean enjoys playing music, literature, and the disarmingly profound verbal contributions of their three small children.

Fun Fact: Sean's favorite author is Tolstoy. (Favorite novel? Yes, it's War and Peace )

Office Manager


Pam Eggleston

Office Manager

Pam is blessed having been born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. Now she has the privilege of working at IdRaHaJe, along with her husband Micah. Pam spent her first several years cooking at IdRaHaJe and then became the Office Manager in March of 2017. While it is a blessing to work at Camp, her greatest blessings are her three children, Matthew, Caleb and Laura.

Fun Fact: Pam ran hurdles as a star athlete in high school.


Food Service Supervisor


Cherry Ann Laird

Food Service Supervisor

Cherry has been a stay-at-home mom of five kids for fifteen years. She was blessed to come to camp in the summer of 2019 when her husband, Daniel was a guest speaker at Lodge Camp. She got to help in one of the kitchens and through that the Lord called her to full-time ministry. It just so happened that camp could use her gifts from the Lord! In December of 2019, she became part of the IdRaHaJe family!

Fun fact: Cherry has a deep love for chickens.

Ken Headshot

Guest Groups Supervisor


Ken Hamilton

Guest Group Supervisor

Ken loves IdRaHaJe! He has been at Camp most of his life. He was a camper at IdRaHaJe when he was younger, and he was also a counselor. He has been working full time at Camp since the year 2000. Ken works with our retreat groups. He loves not only showing them the amazing mountain environment, but also encouraging their walk with Jesus Christ. Ken has been married for 40 years to his wife, Dawn. They have two married children and three incredible grandchildren. Being a native of Colorado, Ken loves to hunt, fish, and run. Anything outdoors!

Fun Fact: Ken has many hobbies, but his favorites are making knives and black powder firearms, and re-enacting early American historical events




Jennifer Gates


Jennifer joined the IdRaHaJe team as Bookkeeper in July of 2018. After a career in corporate America with a background in finance, marketing, and accounting she is thrilled to finally be fulfilling a long-time dream of using her experience to be part of a Christian camp ministry. She and her husband Cody love their life in the mountains of Colorado and enjoy jeeping, camping, hiking, fly fishing, and just being in awe of God’s creation. Jennifer and Cody have a young daughter who joins in their adventures.

Fun Fact: Jennifer has been to the top of Pikes Peak over 300 times!

Cliff Headshot

Staff Ministry Supervisor


Cliff McCalister

Staff Ministry Supervisor

Cliff has been involved with camp since 1986. He has been a counselor, Tepee Chief, Back Pack Director, Guest Group Coordinator and Discipleship Director. Cliff and his wife Joy were sent by camp as missionaries to Mexico in 2001. Cliff is currently the Events Director for Christian Camping International America Latina Mexico. They have returned to IdRaHaJe for an extended period of time and look forward to how they can minister here and in Mexico. Cliff and Joy have been married for 25 years and have three wonderful kids; Molly, who is married to John Stark, Cailey, and Jack.

Fun Fact: In Mexico, they call me Juan Carlos "Juegoman." "Juegoman" is Spanglish so you will have to figure that one out on your own!

Brooke Headshot

SaLT Supervisor


Brooke Nofer

SaLT Supervisor

Brooke found her passion for camp at the age of 9 when she first attended a camp supported by her church in Ohio. It was at this camp where she first heard the gospel and committed her life to Christ. Brooke was brought to IdRaHaJe by a simple google search in 2015. She was a summer counselor at Tepee Camp (now Wilderness Ridge) in 2015 and fell in love with the mountains of Colorado. After a second amazing summer, Brooke joined full-time staff in the fall of 2016 as the SaLT Supervisor. She enjoys watching movies, reading by the fire, stargazing, and being outside!

Fun Fact: Brooke marched and played the trumpet at a football game in the Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball stadium.

Summer Program Coordinator


Travis Badding

Summer Program Coordinator

Travis grew up in a small town in southeastern Colorado. While studying threater at the University of Northern Colorado, he learned about IdRaHaJe and came to work on summer staff in 2014. After graduating in December of 2015, he joined the full-time staff as the Summer Program Coordinator. He enjoys shooting archery, hiking, and rock climbing.

Fun Fact: Travis has a twin brother, but they do not share the same birthday.

Amber Headshot

Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor


Amber DeBoer

Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor

A native of Colorado, Amber first worked at IdRaHaJe in the summer of 1995. After marrying her husband, Mike, in 1998, her life path became closely connected to the ministry of IdRaHaJe. Amber taught various age groups in the public school system before feeling called to join IdRaHaJe's full time staff in the fall of 2014. She is passionate about creating Biblical, engaging and relevant curriculum for all facets of Camp and training staff to effectively interact with campers. Amber fully believes in the power of camp ministry to transform lives.

Fun Fact: Amber loves mountain adventures and can often be found exploring the trails, rocks and forests surrounding Bailey.

Megan Headshot

Guest Groups Coordinator

Megan Fun

Megan Ulery

Guest Groups Coordinator

Megan is originally from the Chicago suburbs but has lived in Colorado since 2013. After beginning her career in healthcare, Megan decided to switch gears and follow her calling into ministry. She grew up attending camps in the Midwest and loved them, so working in camp ministry was a dream come true. Megan’s favorite part of working with retreat groups is showing off camp and all the places the Lord can work through our property.

Fun Fact: Megan is a huge sports fan and will gladly talk to you about almost any sport. Her favorite sports are hockey, baseball, football, and MMA.

Sarah Headshot



Sarah Griffitts


Sarah started serving at IdRaHaJe and rocking the paperwork world in May of 2018 as your friendly neighborhood Registrar. She has been involved in camp ministry since 2005, and after leaving to pursue other ministry and career goals, has returned to her first love. She has a burden for lost souls and a passion for helping the hurting, broken, and marginalized people of this world find healing, redemption and freedom in Jesus. Above all, Sarah just wants to love and serve God with her whole self and love others well.

Fun Fact: Sarah is an artist who loves working with her hands. She enjoys woodworking, pottery, printmaking as well as a myriad of other media. You name it, she can make it!


Myriyah Williams


Myriyah comes from Chicago, where she studied for two years at Trinity Christian College. Before the summer of 2019, as she was looking for a camp to work with, a friend gave Myriyah the list of top 10 Christian camps in the United States. She applied to IdRaHaJe, and became part of our summer staff team. During the summer, she applied and was hired to join full-time staff. The rest, as they say, is history!

Fun fact: Myriyah is a fan of Disney movies. Her all-time favorite is Peter Pan!

Marissa Headshot

MLS Coordinator & Nursing Advisor


Marissa Willimann

Mountain Lab School Coordinator & Nursing Advisor

Marissa is a Colorado native. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs, but later moved to Indiana where she has lived for the past eight years. After graduating nursing school Marissa had the opportunity to join the IdRaHaJe team and serve as a Mountain Lab School (MLS) instructor and summer nurse in 2016. She then moved back to Indiana to work at a well-known pediatric hospital. Marissa felt the Lord’s prompting to return to IdRaHaJe and join full time staff as MLS coordinator and nursing supervisor in the fall of 2017. She loves helping kids experience the character of God through His creation. Marissa enjoys a life of adventure including skiing, rock climbing, basically anything outside, caring for others, and learning new skills.

Fun Fact: Marissa has been a nurse on a medical mission in the Amazon twice!




Daniel Hulsey


Daniel is from Texas and graduated from Tarleton State University in 2017. Since then he has served as a collegiate missionary. He is joined in Colorado by his wonderful wife Kayla.

Fun Fact: Daniel served as a chaplain with college rodeo teams.

Micah Headshot

Maintenance Supervisor


Micah Eggleston

Maintenance Supervisor

Micah was born and raised in the Denver area. He was a camper at IdRaHaJe and worked as summer staff in 1980. After running his own automotive repair shop in Denver, he wanted a change from the headaches and came to work at IdRaHaJe full time in 2010.

Fun Fact: Micah is a second generation camper at IdRaHaJe, and his kids were third generation campers.

Could this be you?

Are you interested in serving in camping ministry full time? Contact us!

Nathan Headshot

Adventure Program Assistant Supervisor


Nathan Ewing

Adventure Program Assistant Supervisor

Nathan was born in the small town of Stockton, Missouri. Raised in a Christian home with a Youth Pastor father through which he saw at an early age the importance of ministry. In the wake of a tornado in his home town, he felt a draw to disaster relief and perused that through several disaster relief mission trips, as well as an internship in that field. Through this he was able to gain insight in the flexibility needed for doing ministry. He then became aware of IdRaHaJe through his college and was on adventure staff during the summers of 2016 and 2017, following which he stayed on for the IdRaHaJe Christian Camping Internship. Nathan was the SaLT Coordinator for the summer of 2018 before coming on to full time staff as the Adventure Program Assistant.

Fun Fact: Nathan once placed second in a grocery bagging competition for the entire state of Missouri.

2020-2021 IdRaHaJe Interns

IdRaHaJe Interns

IdRaHaJe Interns


Our IdRaHaJe interns commit to spending a full year working and learning about what camp ministry is all about!