Our old Youth Center, built in 1966, was a wonderful part of our ministry.  It is impossible to know how many floor hockey games were played in the Youth Center or how many lights were broken during basketball games due to the low ceiling!  Yet as the ministry of IdRaHaJe grew, we saw the need to replace the Youth Center with a larger facility.

By providing expanded space and new facilities, the Gym improves our summer programming, Mountain Lab School, and Retreats.  It features a full-size basketball court, several meeting rooms, a gift shop (“Uncle Paul’s Outpost”), snack shop (the “Canteen”), bike shop, climbing wall, and more.  Best of all, we can now also hold worship services for the entire camp in the summer.  That’s about 600 people!  Praise God!

Indoor view
Exhaust Fans

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Help us put the finishing touches on our Gym project!  The remaining needs for the Gym include reclamite treatment ($30,000) designed to preserve the 1,500 tons of donated ashpalt we applied to the gym parking lot in 2019.  We appreciate your ongoing support!