Meet Amber

Amber DeBoer, Mountain Lab School & Intern Supervisor

Amber has been connected to IdRaHaJe since 1995 when she worked on Summer Staff.  She married Mike in 1998 and then pursued a career in the public school systems for several years.  In the fall of of 2014, Amber left education to serve alongside Mike at IdRaHaJe in a full-time position as the Curriculum & Instruction Supervisor.  She now oversees the Mountain Lab School Program and Internship.  Amber has a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and a MS in Outdoor Education.  She came to know Christ personally at a camp when she was twelve and believes in the power of camp ministry and spending time in God’s creation to radically transform lives.  Amber loves outdoor adventures and spending time on any mountain trail with her husband Mike and their two dogs.