Parent Information

Getting Your Camper Ready

Sending your child to camp can raise a lot of questions and concerns. We want to provide answers, as well as information, that will make your camping experience with IdRaHaJe as easy as possible.

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What if my child has a food allergy?

If your child has food allergies or a special need such as a gluten-free diet, it is imperative that you contact the Food Service Supervisor by emailing or calling 303-838-5668 at least two weeks before your child's camp. If we are not contacted beforehand, it may not be possible to accommodate your request. Thanks for letting us know early so we can care for the needs of your camper!

What if my child takes medication?

According to STATE LAW, no camper may keep any prescription, Over the Counter (OTC) medication, or vitamins in his or her possession. Our nurses have common OTC medications on hand. All prescriptions, OTC medication, and vitamins must remain in the original containers, accompanied by the Medication Form signed by your child's doctor, with included dosage and frequency instructions.

Can a child with special needs attend IdRaHaJe?

While it is our desire that every child experiences our summer camp, IdRaHaJe is not set up to meet all medical, behavioral or educational needs. If your child has a significant need, please contact us at or by calling 303-838-5668 prior to registering your child for camp.

What should my camper(s) pack? How can I help them prepare?

Make sure to send kids with clothing you are okay with them possibly losing or getting dirty. Please label everything, and go through your child's things with them so that they will recognize what belongs in their bag.
  • Resident Camp Pack List
    • * If you have a Tepee Camper, please bring all of their belongings in a sealable plastic tub!
  • Camper Rules: Please take a moment to look over the camper rules with your child before you arrive.

Do you have helpful tips for first time parents and campers?

  • Many parents are concerned about their first time campers getting homesick. Our staff is trained to help campers who may have a natural tendency to feel homesick, but here are things you can do to help before they come:
    • Have your child spend a night or two away from home to prepare for his or her first camp experience
    • Send a special stuffed animal along
    • Tell them how proud you are of them
    • Make sure to have letters and care packages for them throughout the week
    • Have your child sign-up and bunk with a close friend

How can I contact my camper throughout the week or send care packages?

  • At IdRaHaJe, we deliver mail Monday - Friday at every camp! Please feel free to send mail or packages to your camper throughout the week. Any mail sent must include your camper's name, camp, and week they are attending.
    • Example: John Smith, Tepee Camp - week 3
    • By Email:
    • By Mail:
      • Camper's Full Name
      • Camp and week number
      • IdRaHaJe
      • P.O. Box 360
      • Bailey, CO 80421
  • Mail and packages can also be dropped off at the main office the Sunday of registration. Please include camper's name, camp, and week, as well as, the day you would like your camper to receive their mail (this option may only used when dropped off Sunday). You can also create and purchase your own care package at the General Store that will be delivered mid-week. (Prices vary based on items chosen.)

How much money should I send with my camper?

The amount to send is entirely up to the parent. Most parents send $20-$40, which campers can spend in the General Store, Village Cafe, Sweet Shop, Pottery Shop, and Arts & Crafts. Campers are also given the opportunity to donate to the missionary for the week!

What if I don't want to leave my camper with cash?

Parents will have the option to put money in a camper spending account during the online registration process. On the camp selection page, you may choose from a variety of amounts to place in your child’s account. Campers will receive a wristband to access their account. These wristbands will allow your child to purchase items at the General Store, snack shops as well as the craft shops. This is a convenient way to prevent lost or stolen money. Refunds for money placed in your camper's spending account online will automatically be refunded electronically (if remaining balance is over $1.00). However, if you placed money into a camper's spending account with cash or check, refunds can only be picked up at the General Store Saturday morning.

Can my camper bunk with his/her friend(s)?

If your camper wants to bunk with a friend, bunkmates can be chosen during the initial online registration process. Two bunkmate requests can be made per camper. We will try to accommodate requests made at Sunday check-in; however, they are not guaranteed.

What paper work or forms do I need to submit?

Below are the medical forms we require for your child's stay at camp. Ideally, this includes submitting the forms prior to Sunday Registration. You can submit them by email or snail mail. Please save a copy of all medical forms and bring them to check-in, even if previously submitted.

Check In/Check Out

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Check-in Process

  • Check-in is at IdRaHaJe’s Youth Center on Sunday from 1:45 - 3:30PM
  • Please note: Pioneer Camps beginning mid-week will check-in on Wednesday at Mountain Village from 1:30-3:30PM
  • Please bring all medications and medical forms to check-in, even if previously submitted

Check-in Details

  • Once at IdRaHaJe, parking attendants will direct you where to go
  • If you have paperwork that you need to turn in, please have it ready when you arrive
  • Please bring medications in original containers up to the Youth Center for registration to check-in with our nurses
  • You do not need to bring luggage up to the Youth Center (After the registration process, you will be directed to your child's camp.)
  • Any mail that you brought for your camper should be dropped off at the main office after you finish the registration process

Check-out Process

  • Check-out is Saturday at 8:00AM
  • Please go directly to your child's camp facility
  • Parents are invited to join us for Saturday breakfast
  • Breakfast will be served at 8:00AM at each camp facility
  • Following breakfast, a video will be shown of your child's week at Camp
Please note: Pioneer Camps ending mid-week will check-out on Wednesday at Mountain Village at 8:00 AM
If you have additional questions, contact the Registration Office by emailing or calling 303-838-0685.