//Gym and Education Center

Gym and Education Center

Help us Reach the Summit!

We are in the process of building our new Gym and Education Center that will replace the old Youth Center. We are excited for this new addition and the improvements it will bring to all of our programs.

Update:  We have 80% of the funds raised toward this $2.3 million dollar project!

You can help us complete this project by giving a gift today.

Built in 1966, our Youth Center is a great part of our ministry. It is impossible to know how many countless floor hockey games have been played or how many lights have been broken during basketball games due to the low ceiling. As the ministry of IdRaHaJe continues to grow in size, we have seen a need to replace the Youth Center with a larger gymnasium. The new structure will improve all of our programs:  Summer, Mountain Lab School and Retreats. Our hope for the new gym is to make it environmentally friendly by utilizing geothermal methods to heat and cool the building. We have drawn up plans now which include: a full size basketball court, 3 meeting rooms, a snack shop, bike shop, and climbing wall. We also want this to be a multi-purpose facility that will allow us to hold worship services for the entire camp in the summer. That’s about 600 people!

The new structure will replace the old Youth Center and improve all of our summer, mountain lab school and retreat programs. We hope to it built in time for our 70th anniversary in 2018. Help us reach the summit today! Your donation of $120 now will buy a square foot of this exciting project.

Stay tuned to this page for updates and progress reports!

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Youth Center

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*All donations to IdRaHaJe are tax deductible under IRS Code section 501(c)(3).
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